You’ve climbed the ladder in your chosen ERP, carved out a successful career, and you’re totally comfortable with the projects you deliver; so why would you throw all that experience to the scrap heap and sidestep into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 world?

The simple answer is that you aren’t throwing away all that experience – far from it – you’re broadening your horizons, expanding your skills and hooking up to faster, more scalable , flexible and PM-friendly projects. Received wisdom from those who have stepped out of the shadow of other ERPs into the light of Microsoft is simply that an ERP implementation is an ERP implementation is an ERP implementation. While the people, technology, and system functionality might change, the underlying principles of project management do not. Controlling budgets, allocating resources and managing stakeholders are consistent facets of any ERP project, so you’re certainly not starting from scratch.

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 increases its share of the ERP market, and HSO continues its unmatched growth trajectory, identifying and hiring more assured and robust project managers is one of HSO’s key priorities. In this blog I’d like to share the reasons for the rise of Microsoft Dynamics 365 above its competition, why Project Managers are starting to jump on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 bandwagon, and why HSO is a great destination for the bandwagon

Let’s start with the rise of Microsoft Dynamics 365. By breaking from the institutionalised norm of disparate and siloed ERP and CRM systems and instead offering an integrated cloud-based solution, Dynamics 365 has distinguished itself from its competitors. Now more cost effective, scalable and most importantly, user friendly, the market share of Microsoft Dynamics 365 has grown enormously over the last 12 months and has now cemented itself in the top two ERP solutions globally.  As HSO continues to win Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects and as the scale, size and budget of these projects increase, the need for experienced ERP Project Managers becomes ever more pressing.

With its growing market share, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 industry represents a viable opportunity for ERP Project Managers looking for a career change. But what else inspires them to jump ship? I caught up with Rita, Programme Director at HSO who moved across from Oracle in 2015, and she spoke of the key constraints in Oracle’s technology. “Oracle’s ERP offering was extremely rigid and so difficult to customise that small changes in functionality would end up taking days to complete, leading to unforeseen costs and unsatisfied customers”. On the other hand, “Dynamics 365 is a far more malleable system, making projects much faster paced and implementation times far shorter”. Rita went on to speak of customers’ familiarity with Microsoft products and the easy to understand interface which gives users a degree of assurance and confidence with the product.

It’s easy to see why Project Managers move into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 space but why move to HSO above all other Microsoft partners? When I asked Rita she spoke of how “HSO felt, and still feels, like a real family company without the red tape and bureaucracy which has stifled so many other organisations I’ve worked in. There was a real feel of an open-door policy where everybody was approachable to answer any questions or concerns I had”. This family atmosphere is a hallmark of HSO’s culture and clearly showcased by exceptional employee retention rates. In fact, when speaking to Sam, a Team Lead at HSO, he mentioned how the management team “proactively seek regular employee input and make the employees feel respected and valued. Everyone is given a voice, and this guarantees that all employees, from recent graduates to senior managers, feel a sense of belonging and ownership in the company”.

When speaking about other ways in which HSO supported her in her transition, Rita also mentioned the training and mentoring which was provided to her to ensure she was in the best position to succeed in this new industry. In fact, all Project Managers joining HSO receive training in HSO’s bespoke methodology, Excellerate. A spin-off of Surestep, and espousing a phase delivery, this tailored methodology instils confidence in Project Managers irrespective of their technology backgrounds and provides them with the tools to successfully deliver a Microsoft Dynamics 365 project. Ultimately Project Managers from other ERP backgrounds don’t need to fear the unknown of Microsoft Dynamics 365 at HSO. With the family culture, approachable ethos, and comprehensive training provided, you can rest assured that you will have the best environment in which to thrive.

So, to conclude; if you’re an ERP Project Manager and you’re considering your career options, don’t limit your possibilities. Think about moving into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 channel, the enterprise technology of the future. Better still think about moving to HSO, a company that values its employees and where you’re not just a commodity but a respected member of the company.

If you’d like to learn more about moving into HSO’s Project Management team and the training we provide don’t hesitate to call me for a confidential chat on +447715317399.

Dan Rosehill