Disruptive technologies should more appropriately be called ‘business-changing’ technologies, as new ways to do business are inextricably entwined with the digitally transforming market. Adopting new, but proven technologies can pose challenges, such as the need for training, in the transformation towards digital methods, but the results better positions your company ahead of your competition.

Dynamics 365 focuses on keeping in front of the innovation curve, making disruptive technologies accessible and beneficial in your daily operations. This blog outlines four disruptive technologies in Dynamics 365 and how to ensure you get the return on your investment with training and support.


The Internet of Things (IoT), the sensorization of equipment connected to each other or a database, has transformed the process of manufacturing, the maintaining and repairing of equipment. According to research by McKinsey, IoT in business-to-business applications creates almost 70 percent more value than consumer applications, such as self-driving cars.

The beauty of IoT is you gain visibility into the most granular aspects of your business that were previously hidden in complexity. Because aspects of all your equipment can be tracked, you’ll know if business critical equipment is in danger of failing and alert a technician to maintain that piece of equipment.

Big Data

Mountains of data sets (also known as big data) are the result of IoT devices constantly gathering information. Big data’s usefulness only exists if you have a method to process and report on that data. Currently, businesses largely leave IoT big data unharnessed. For example, in an oil rig equipped with 30,000 sensors, a company will only examine 1 percent of that data.

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Big data, paired with a visual reporting tool (Power BI), provides an end-to-end view of performance, displayed in user friendly graphics to all members of your leadership and management.  This level of in-depth reporting creates a wider perspective to extrapolate and optimize production. With this much transparency, decision-makers now possess a window where and how value is created, as well as validating the outcomes of business initiatives and strategies.


Mobile apps facilitate the sending and receiving documents and capturing information on- site, disrupting the need for paper processes. Dynamics 365 provides field workers or plant operators with all the information they need on a mobile device to monitor a specific production area or perform maintenance on equipment. This information could include work orders, historical information on the equipment, information on parts and facilitates constant communication with the office.

Even in a remote location, such as an oil well in the middle of the ocean, or a mountainous location that houses equipment in need of maintenance, a mobile device can store the information. When you return to a geographical area with network reception, then mobile devices will sync the data. This whole process eliminates the dependency on human error and the time involved in manual processing.

Ensure the return on your digital investment

Implementing disruptive technologies is one of the first steps in the life cycle of your technological investment. An equally important aspect is training, as well as having someone continually available to help optimize your new systems. The best systems are customized to your proprietary processes, a case where out of the box training and support doesn’t cut it.

When you begin the process of deploying disruptive technologies, make sure you have a plan to help you make the most of those customized systems.

Consider post-implementation services such as:

  • extended training for end users and trainers
  • application optimization (i.e. getting more out of Power BI)
  • 24/7 support for answers to questions about your system
  • monitoring cloud-based infrastructure that houses your big data
  • taking care of upgrades and new releases

Disruptive technologies are only as good as how you use them. Innovations have their challenges, but once they are overcome, the benefits can exponentially push you forward into the front of the pack.

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