Innovation is vital for a company’s survival, but it doesn’t happen naturally. It takes effort from all your departments to innovate. But when a company’s IT department already has its hands full, something needs to be done make innovation a reality. When resources constrain your business from pursuing innovations, one solution to consider is to partner with HSO Managed Services.

First, what is managed services? In the context of digital transformation and technologies, managed services maintain your systems for you, takes care of issues that your end users experience, manages upgrades, and more, depending on your level of service. Leveraging a managed services provider leads to saving on IT costs, and most importantly, frees up company resources for your employees to focus on initiatives push you in front of your competitors.

This blog outlines what innovation-related efforts your business can benefit from with the help of HSO Global Managed Services.

  1. Carve time to dedicate to new initiatives

When 80 percent of your IT department is focused on maintenance, dedicating time to innovation is next to impossible. A managed service partner is who your end users call when they have a problem. A great managed service partner provides second-tier and third-tier support with deep understanding of your Dynamics system. Because HSO Managed Services has subject experts and around the clock availability across all time zones, support tickets are addressed faster, getting your staff back to work sooner.

Removing reactive support from your IT department, lets your IT professional’s time and knowledge focused on time to accomplish technological initiatives within your company.

  1. Improve your existing operations

Optimizing your existing operations only happens when your systems are running smoothly. To ensure the best performance from your technology, you need a monitoring service that keeps an eye on your systems 24 hours a day, even when all your employees are at home. Monitoring enables the prevention of incidents before they happen, tracks your business critical processes, prevents your data from being corrupted and more. All these benefits keep your systems running smoothly to help you focus on improving the way you do business.

  1. Maximize your use of your innovative tools

Training, in addition to support, is a critical aspect to getting the most out of your technologies, particularly, if you’ve just implemented a new system. Many implementors of ERP and CRM systems offer short training after the system is in place. But a managed service partner can provide extended training to help your people find ways to better navigate through your interface. Have a question on how to better run a report on Power BI? One of our Global Managed Services can help you with that and answer more question that you may have so your staff can find more effective ways to use your Dynamics system.

  1. Focus on your customers

Keep your eye on what your customer needs, not the error messages that keeps coming up or updating your software. Gaining insight into why recurring incidents pop up helps specialists find a solution. Moreover, a great managed services partner makes sure your applications are regularly updated without hiccups or issues, giving you access to all the up to date functionalities in the digital tools you use. All this keeps your system stable.

  1. Manage change

The needs of your customers will change. And your Dynamics system needs to change with it. A great managed service partner will help you manage that change. We work closely with you to analyze the impact of a change in terms of technology and cost. We draw up a budget for you, as well as scheduling and monitoring all the tasks that are involved in the change. We help with the overall monitoring and coordination of this process.


When pursuing innovation within your company, you don’t have to accomplish your initiatives alone. The big take away is to find a partner who can help your IT department by taking care of the day to day technological activities help your company focus on keeping your competitive edge.

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