Create exceptional Customer experiences | Turn prospects into engaged customers

Turn your relationships into revenue and discover how Dynamics 365 Sales and Sales Insights can transform the way you do business.

Built to evolve

The Microsoft Dynamics Sales solution is built to evolve. It drives innovation and is adaptable and scalable to your company. It is easy to tailor and connect to other applications and services that you may already use.

Smarter selling

Boost your sales productivity with seamless tools to enable smarter selling so that you focus on the right customers, build trusted relationships and take swift action with a solution that unifies relationship data and provides AI-driven insights, enabling you to make well informed decisions fast.

Time to sell

You will also free up more time for selling with streamlined sales processes that are supported by familiar tools like Microsoft Office and intelligent optimisation.

Modernise your sales team

Benefit from the combined power of Dynamics 365 Sales and the social data of more than 500 million professional members on the LinkedIn network, Microsoft empowers sellers to find and focus on the right people right from the start of the sales journey.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, sellers can easily keep tabs on the latest news and notes around leads and current customers.

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Dynamics 365 Sales helps sales focus on the right prospects and win deals faster

Using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales app, which is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365, makes it easy for you to stay on top of your customer data because it provides a clear picture of information from various platforms. The cloud-based application helps boost turnover by using built-in intelligence and predefined business processes such as sales procedures with clear steps and tasks. With your sales team always working on the things they do best rather than on admin, you can expect considerable savings on your acquisition costs.

Accelerate sales performance

Based on historical, real-time and predictive information Dynamics 365 allows you to nurture existing customer relationships with relevant and valuable interactions, target new customers with the highest likelihood to buy based on predictive intelligence and actionable insights.

Intelligent sales collaboration

Work together with customers and colleagues across functions including customers that do not have a Dynamics 365 account. Co-author documents using Office 365 and automatically sync to Dynamics 365. Tight integration with Office 365 apps allows you to open sales data in Microsoft Excel, make changes, and save the changes back to Dynamics 365 Sales – all without switching applications.

Access the Sales Hub data while you’re on the go and use the Teams mobile app to keep in touch.

Align sales and marketing

Track and prioritise leads across all touch points with multiple lead-scoring models and sales readiness grades.

Bring business intelligence to every lead and every deal, measure the impact, innovate products and processes. Improve conversion and retention rates and lifetime customer value.

Integrated customer profile

With all customer data presented in one single clear summary, you and your employees always have access to up-to-date information, maximising your sales team’s efficiency. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales app empowers you to permanently exceed your customers’ expectations based on predictable data (machine learning & IoT), allowing you to build stronger customer relationships. Want to find out more about Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Sales app? Get in touch with one of our experts.

D365 Sales in short

  • Create exceptional experiences across the entire customer journey
  • Nurture more demand and prioritise leads
  • Personalise experiences, unify customer data and get a 360° view of the customer
  • Build relationships and win deals faster
  • Maximise the power of social engagement with LinkedIn integration
  • Gain credibility and earn trust to keep your relationships on track
  • Make insight-driven decisions
  • Experience intelligent sales and marketing collaboration
  • Move towards a modern approach by infusing AI, mobile, IoT and social capabilities

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